Anonymous Ism Recover™ Gradation 3 Line Crew (Purple / Lilac)

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We’re big fans of the smaller details here at Number Six , and socks are something of an obsession for us. Always on the hunt for something a bit different, the offerings from this Japanese label are some of the finest we know. Woven by craftsmen in Tokyo, the attention to detail and premium materials result in completely unique socks. The bold designs work perfectly with both smart and casual clothing and add a bit of colour to liven up an outfit. These are one are also made with Recover™ the lowest-impact recycled cotton fibre in the WORLD.

  • Made in Japan
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Machine wash, tumble dry
  • Medium-weight cotton blend
  • 3/4 length


  • Large Comfortably fits UK 8-11 / EU 42-45
  • Medium C omfortably fits UK 4-7

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Recycled Cotton 56%, Recycled Polyester 38% Recycled Nylon 5% & Polyurethane 1%

Eco Friendly

Recover's recycling process is led by a team of passionate experts in materials science. Recover™ transforms textile waste into recycled fibres, closing the loop on fashion.

Anonymous Ism uses a material called Limex for their sock sleeves. There is plenty of Limestone on Earth and from this the Japanese government have worked with technology pioneers to create this new material. Limex can be used in packaging and as a substitute for products currently made of plastic. It uses no water or wood to manufacture, is durable, luxurious and biodegradable.

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